Vintage Amphibian 470-333

VOSTOK-AMPHIBIAN, which were produced by Tschistopol Watch Factory in 1970s. Vostok means ‘EAST’ in Russian.

Military style dial. Steel case model 470 and a handwinding 2409 movement.
Dial number 333. So model 470333. The nickname of this case is Albatros.

Produced till the end of the Soviet Union, at that moment Vostok stopped with serial numbers on the backcase

Picked up via EBay from Ukraine for about 35.00 euro.
Heavily damaged case.
I have restored a number of cases before by polishing neatly the steel and with a lot of patience.

Installing new glass and replacing gaskets. So it is easier to transfer the movement to a case that has been already refurbished.
Obviously not before I have lubricated and adjusted the movement.

These models are increasing in value.
A good and just excuse exceeds the prices for a completely new model with automatic movement.
This small investment is therefore economically justified.

So what we have here?

Before, worn bezel and crown and a movement that needs a service.

After the swap.

Movement with a extra magnetic shield

In comparison with his modern brother. The modern version is somewhat larger, 41 mm the vintage version 39 mm.
The lug size is now a modern 22 mm, 18 mm before.

Running nice already before Restoration.