Protrek – Pathfinder

Protrek – Pathfinder

Protrek – Pathfinder PAW-1300G

In Asia and the USA the name Protrek is not widely used, the same model is called Pathfinder but the watch does not differ from the European version, the Protrek.
A version that I love to wear a lot is this PAW-1300G. No rubber band but a comfortable linen band.
The case is super flat for a Protrek and contains all imaginable tools that Casio offers.
No GPS because this is not a smartwatch, but radio controll keep the watch at the time. Good to use as a daily watch.



I like the orange details in combination with the black case.

This color combination also ensures that the watch does not look too large.








Comfortable strap.



 Protrek, PRG-50T-7VER

For Casio concepts this model belongs to the vintage. It was produced around 1990.
At first institute I liked the large display and the solar operated movement.
What I did not like was the high case.
But after a short wearing time, I find this Protrek wear well, even comfortably. Partly due to the titanium band.
The bright display looks nice with the EL with the green display. Above all, this and easy to read modulle.


Good compass function


















Titan band with safety clasp.

 Protrek PRW-3000

The PRW-3000 version is a nice flat and manageable Protrek. I replaced the rubber band with the nylon band of the 3000B version. A high quality tire. Very comfortable too.
The modular 3414 is modern, flatter and better processor for accurate data processing, such as compass, barro and height meters. Also the temperature meter is accurate, this affects the height meter. After all, the height is calculated on the basis of the temperature drop. There is a version with a dark display. Beautiful but not functional, it is difficult to read.