Restoration – Modification – Repair

Restoration – Modification – Repair

Some examples of restorations and modifications from look@ ehwatch .

It might be fun to look @ what is possible, or to get inspired to get started yourself.
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Warning, take a good battery change seriously.

For a batterij change you can visit a local jeweler shop. However most of the employees there are no watchmakers with a lot of misery as a result.
They want to save money on replacing a battery but the watch can sometimes be written off due to the damage. I regularly get watches where the movement is damaged by a screwdriver. Or water impact because the gasket is not replaced or sometimes omitted. A water pressure test is usually not done, but must be done to check that the watch is waterproof according to manufacturers standard.
Often batteries are used with an old production date, resulting in a short life.

How to replace a battery on a good way.

With a battery change, the following work always carried out;
Testing waterproof before opening the case,
Exchange the batterij of a good brand ( Renata ) with a fresh production date.
Replace the gasket for crown and backcase. ( pusher ore crystal sealing not included, that is part of a service )
Full water tightness test,
Overall control and if necessary advice for the most advantageous solution.

This is a example, a expensive Traser with water impact.
The backcase needs 2 sealing but most of the time there are missing some after batterij change. With this job you need to have some experience.
result is water in the case, the sealing that holds the Traser tubes on his place has coming of the hands. Also the movement needed to be exchanged.


Sealing problem.

Dail and tubes damage.


Corrosion everywhere.

Broken battery contact, missing battery sealing by unprofessional battery change.

A couple of examples that past my attention the last year.

After all a very expensive battery change because the jeweler’s shop usually blames the user for the damage or was told that this defect was already before the battery replaced.

Service needed!

Also a quartz operated watch need service sometimes.

Traser chronograph with Ronda movement.