Functional watches, such as Traser.
A business style, solid and can be used anytime, anywhere. The tubes are only visible in the pitch dark.
Made for military use so sufficient light to read the time, but not become a running target.
The tubes are working without battery use. After 10 years, the light has gone to 50%.
What remains then is still a great Swiss watch. Even after 30 years!

For example, this blue T5002 sport.
Production period beginning nineties. The tubes are still legible and the Ronda movement is still working like new.
It is a sporty watch, well waterproof with 2 bar and feels very solide with its sapphire glass and screw down crown.
The slim case has a very nice brushed finish and feels very comfortable.
The watch has a very slim case construction for a dive watch which also makes it suitable as a dress watch. So it is suitable for all circumstances.
I love it.

New model, the P6600 serie with a steel case in a resin protection cover.

Traser beloved by professionals.

Favorite models are the older versions, like the Professional models.

P66 models, with rare but functional case. A resin frame with steel container. Double crown/stem sealing and double backcase sealing for extra water protection.

Titan version  of the P65 models.

I love the simple white hands on black dial. This is the real Traser DNA.
Ronda movement, sapphire crystal, of course screw crown and backcase, 200 meters water resistant, case 45 mm. What more do you need for time reading.

The Survivor is the successor of the P65 series, unfortunately the P65 series is out of production. The Survivor is somewhat heavier, the case 2 mm higher. The sappghire crystal is somewhat larger in diameter.

Not only for military , also a very stylish dress watch.
Notice something on this one?
I have replaced the movement with stem, hands and dial from a P66 MIL-G. The strap is not from Traser but Bell&Ross. One of a kind watch.
There are few people who modify Trasers, so you hardly see a modified Traser. The Trasers that I sometimes encounter worldwide with modifications are mostly from me.
Personally I like the full steel case of the Survivor more than the Combination case of steel and fiberglas of the P66 serie. So that is my reason for the swap.
P66 MIL-G.